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Project Report / Synopsis

Project is a important part of any subject. Either it is minor or maajor, It plays vital role inthe performance of every student.I think this is the reason that students are more worried about the project and project report. This is a general question of every student in his/her mind that what is project and how can i complete my project with any knoweledge. But don't worry, W3Professors.Com will help to you form any kind of problem int your project. If you have any query then you can mail us at our professionls will solve your query within 24 working hours and reply to you with suitable answer.

Some Important Instructions Regarding Project

Before going to start making any project first of all you should select the core are of your interest and then start to collection the suitable information from your sourses.

After collecting the information you should design the database and then try to design the forms only on the paper.

Now you are very near by the Project. This is a suitable time to make a synopsis for the project. If you need the formt of synopsis then don't worry provides to you a sample report for synopsis and project report.

This is the last step to code your project in the front-end sofware and back-end software as you like or as you know. For example Visual Basic is used for front-end and MS-Acess is used for back-end. This doesn't mean that only the above softwares are used there are so many softwares are used for the same. Again this is question thata how can we select the software. It's total depends upon you that in which software you are comfertable.

Sample Format for the Synopsis and Project Report

Click here to download the format for Synopsis

Click here to download the format for Project Report


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