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Unix Commands

The first version of UNIX was created in 1969 by Kenneth Thompson and Dennis Ritchie, system engineers at AT&T's Bell Labs. It went through many revisions and gained in popularity until 1977, when it was first made commercially available by Interactive Systems Corporation. At the same time a team from the University of California at Berkeley was working to improve UNIX. In 1977 it released the first Berkeley Software Distribution, which became known as BSD. Over time this won favour through innovations such as the C shell.

Meanwhile the AT&T version was developing in different ways. The 1978 release of Version 7 included the Bourne Shell for the first time. By 1983 commercial interest was growing and Sun Microsystems produced a UNIX workstation. System V appeared, directly descended from the original AT&T UNIX and the prototype of the more widely used variant today.




These Unix commands are designed with proper syntax and examples for those who want to learn unix in detail, with a need to understand the unix commands from first step to last one. These commands gives lots of knowledge to understand UNIX OS from where everybody take himself/herself to higher level of expertise.



Before proceeding with this unix commands,  you should have a basic understanding of unix tutorial and OS terminologies. A basic understanding of any of the operating system will help you in understanding these commands.


Categorised Unix Commands

All commands are categorised on the bases of their properties. In the left panel some heading are there and all commands are written under suitable heading so that it become easy to find suitable command which you need.


Syntax With Attributes

All commands are written with proper syntax and with all possible attributes before upload on W3Professors. You just have to copy / paste desire command and run. It will print output.


Free Download & No Registration

All commands are free of cost. You can download any UNIX command without any login or registration. W3Professors provides file manipulation commands, director manipulation, text processing, networking commands and some general purpose commands.

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